The Importance of Light in the Healing Process

The importance of light in the development of biological processes has been known since ancient times, and the sunbathing practices of Ancient Egyptians are the most evident proof of this.

The possibility of concentrating light and exploiting it in a more powerful way for different purposes was first sensed at the beginning of the last century, through the theories of Albert Einstein, being applied after the 2nd world war by USA and Soviet physicists.

Laser technology applied to the medical field began in the late 70s and early 80s and, from then, it has continuously developed. All this was made possible by the cutting-edge technology applied in this field and through its use in different sectors, from telecommunications to industry. Laser therapy was first appreciated and accepted in Europe and then in Asia.

On-going specialization has made it possible to use Laser sources for different medical uses and identified the combined use of modulated Laser lights and continuous Lasers as the best solution for biostimulation. Today, the K-Laser uses a higher power, making for more efficient applications than in the past, and producing the best results.