Laser Therapy Treatments: Amazing Results for Pain Relief

A pioneer in this revolutionary alternative pain treatment, Dr. Melissa Ritter has been successfully using laser therapy for her patients since 2006. If you suffer from conditions such as:

● Headaches, including migraines
● Lower back pain
● Arthritic conditions
● Post Surgery pain reduction
● Sports injuries

or any other joint, muscular, circulatory, or inflammatory condition, deep tissue laser therapy may provide immediate, long lasting relief. FDA cleared, this non surgical, non invasive, natural pain therapy is the answer for many people who are looking for natural pain management.

Light has been used for healing for many centuries, starting with the Greeks and Romans who recognized the positive effects of sunlight. We know that when sunlight strikes the skin, our whole body feels the benefits. Laser light therapy takes that same concept by harnessing the healing benefits of light in a device—the Class IV laser. At Ritter Chiropractic and Laser Therapy Dr. Melissa Ritter uses Class IV lasers to provide deep tissue healing treatments.

How does deep tissue laser therapy work?
Deep tissue laser therapy works by using the Class IV laser to flood the tissues and energize damaged cells. When Dr. Ritter applies the treatment your circulation increases, thereby reducing inflammation. As your body responds to the laser treatment there is no pain—you simply feel gentle warmth. Most of us want to avoid drugs or surgery for pain management and laser therapy with Dr. Ritter gives you that option.

Dr. Ritter was a pioneer is the use of Class IV lasers for pain management and shares just a few of her many success stories:

25 year old male with acute ankle sprain/strain
This young man had bruising and swelling and was unable to take more than five or six steps without pain; his X ray showed negative for a fracture. Dr. Ritter applied four laser treatments and within two weeks the patient said he had significant improvement of pain control and his swelling had gone down.

48 year old male with chronic knee pain diagnosed with osteoarthritis

This man wanted to avoid the total knee replacement his orthopedist had recommended. After only five deep tissue laser treatments the patient noticed significant pain relief. He was actually able to climb stairs and return to most of his previous physical activities. The initial laser therapy results lasted for about eight months after which he came to see Dr. Ritter for one touch up visit that lasted many months. Happily the knee replacement surgery was avoided.

70 year old woman with low back pain from a previous disc injury
When this woman came to see Dr. Ritter she could not walk more than half a block without pain in both her back and buttock areas. After receiving only eight laser treatments she said she had far less overall pain and could even walk blocks without any pain.

62 year old woman with plantar fasciitis (pain and swelling on bottom of both feet)
Her condition had been present for more than a year. After being treated with laser only five times over a two and one half week period there was noticeable pain and swelling reduction in both feet.

75 year old male presented with neuropathy in both feet (tingling and pain)
This patient had been like this for more than three years. After receiving eight laser treatments over the course of three weeks, the patient said that the tingling and pain had decreased and he was finally able to sleep through the night without waking up from pain.

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We have compiled some questions and answers about laser therapy that will help you understand the process.

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Dr. Melissa is a pioneer and expert in the use of Class IV laser treatment for pain relief. With Dr. Ritter’s experience in this exciting arena, your pain could be reduced significantly—or even completely gone. Contact Dr. Ritter today for a pain free tomorrow.