SCENAR Therapy for Acute and Chronic Pain Relief

As a specialist in pain management, Dr. Melissa Ritter is one of the few practitioners in Southern California to use SCENAR therapy as an alternative pain therapy for treating both acute and chronic pain. SCENAR (Self-Controlled-Energy-Neuro-Adaptive-Regulator) is an electro-stimulation device FDA cleared for pain relief.

How does SCENAR therapy work?

The SCENAR device operates by sending a small and comfortable current across the skin while measuring the skin’s resistance to that current. SCENAR therapy functions on two physiological principles: that the body has its own healing capabilities and that it is continually employing processes of self-regulation to maintain health. Essentially, the SCENAR device uses bio feedback to help the body heal itself.

Using SCENAR therapy can provide relief for both acute and chronic painful conditions and physical dysfunctions that may not respond to other forms of treatment.

 Dr. Ritter employs SCENAR therapy to provide natural pain therapy for patients such as:

A 53 year old woman with five year history of fibromyalgia who had pain in multiple body parts and muscle tightness
The patient was treated with SCENAR therapy for three weeks. The fibromyalgia pain–with episodes of pain and tightness described by her as severe–are now described as mild to only occasional. With Dr. Ritter’s SCENAR treatment, this patient was given natural fibromyalgia relief and able to return to riding horses, something she had not been able to do for five years due to her fibromyalgia pain.

72 year old woman who had post surgical abdominal pain that had lasted for approx seven years
Dr. Ritter treated the patient with SCENAR for approx five weeks. At the treatment’s end the patient stated her chronic pain was significantly less and occurred with 70% less frequency.

68 year old male who came in with hamstring muscle pain after a severe strain
This gentleman told Dr. Ritter that four weeks of physical therapy only helped to mildly reduce his spasms and pain. After two weeks of SCENAR treatment he noticed a 60 % reduction of pain and a 70% increase in mobility.

16 year old male who had an acute onset of shoulder pain after a sports related injury
This patient came to Dr. Ritter for an alternative pain treatment because he had taken meds and completed physical therapy for approx four weeks and his shoulder range of motion was not improving. After SCENAR therapy was used for two weeks his shoulder range of motion was approx 85% restored and the pain now described as mild to nonexistent.

Can SCENAR therapy help me?

The Food and Drug Administration recently cleared this new technology for use on patients precisely because it was found to be effective, safe, economical, and–more importantly–offers hope as well as results for millions of people . SCENAR offers a pain management therapy to those suffering from chronic as well as acute pain, including pain from arthritis, tendonitis, neuralgia (nerve pain), sprains and many other ailments. If you have pain SCENAR therapy may help you.

Does SCENAR therapy hurt? Are there any side effects?

During the treatment, Dr. Ritter applies the small hand held SCENAR device onto your skin and you feel a slight tingling sensation that is not at all painful. For most people the treatment lasts 5-30 minutes, with acute injury treatments averaging 30 minutes. The varied electrical stimulation usually creates immediate pain relief and, after a course of treatments, the pain relief can last indefinitely. In most cases you will need about 3-5 treatments (minimum), with some acute conditions resolving even sooner. You will be asked note any changes you experience after receiving your first treatment and bring them to Dr. Ritter. This helps her target further treatments and aids in your healing process.

The electrical signals generated by the SCENAR device are similar in form to your body’s own neurological impulses. As a result, you body does not view them as alien or invasive–therefore negative side effects are virtually non-existent.

SCENAR Therapy Pain Management Specialist

Dr. Melissa Ritter has been successfully managing pain for her patients over 25 years. Her expertise in the different natural pain management modalities makes her the best choice if you are suffering from acute or chronic pain

Contact Dr. Ritter today to learn if SCENAR therapy can offer you pain relief.