About Dr. Melissa Ritter

laser light therapy">At age 15, Melissa Ritter was in a serious automobile accident which left her in severe pain so an orthopedic doctor was consulted. He informed her parents that nothing could be done and they should expect chronic pain to be a part of Melissa’s life for years to come. As concerned parents of such a young girl, this was not something they were willing to accept for her. Seeking a solution, her father took her to see a good friend of his who was a chiropractor. With only three to four visits, Melissa was pain free and back to leading a normal life.

This trauma–and subsequent healing without surgery or medication–led Melissa to a lifelong commitment to helping people find pain relief with alternative pain therapies. Attending and graduating from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, the now Doctor Ritter began her chiropractic practice while always researching the most effective natural pain management techniques. This research led her to a podiatrist who was having success with his patients using therapeutic laser therapy. When the FDA cleared the Class IV Laser as an approved therapy for pain relief, Dr. Ritter was one of the first to embrace and employ this phenomenal natural pain therapy. This success led to a position with K laser where Dr. Ritter promoted and trained others on the efficacy of laser light therapy.

In addition to seeing patients and training others on laser therapy, Dr. Ritter spent close to 12 years doing back safety lectures for clients such as the Irvine Ranch Water District. During a speaking engagement for the Arthritis Foundation, Dr. Ritter was introduced to SCENAR (Self-Controlled-Energy-Neuro-Adaptive-Regulator). Always the pioneer, Dr. Ritter quickly saw the benefits of SCENAR pain therapy as a complement to the natural pain therapies she was already employing.

Today hundreds of Dr. Ritter’s patients are living pain free lives as a result of her commitment to helping others with alternative pain treatments–just as she had been helped. This empathy and compassion are evident as you read just a few of the many testimonials Dr. Ritter’s patients have shared . Each individual is treated with dignity and respect along with the understanding that “one size does not fit all.”

If you are looking for acute or chronic pain relief, please Contact Dr. Melissa Ritter today. We promise no surprises and much needed pain