Case Studies

Knee Pain Reduction

A 79 year old male presented to this office with bilateral knee pain and stiffness. Patient states he was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis. He reveals he has had severe pain and moderate to severe limitation of range of motion in both knees. Examination revealed 65% decrease in flexion of the right knee joint and approximately 55% in the left knee joint. Patient was treated with the K laser for 20 minutes (10 minutes per knee) for a total of four sessions. After the fourth treatment the patient stated he had 90% pain reduction in both knees and examination revealed the right knee joint range of motion was only limited by approximately 20% and the left knee was limited by approximately only 10%.

Facial Pain Treated

A 44 year old female presented to the office complaining of moderate to severe pain in the face, along the course of the facial nerve. The patient also stated that she was experiencing pain in the ear canal, and had difficulty smiling on the right side of her face, as well as very limited ability to raise her right eyebrow. The patient reports that three years earlier she underwent nasal surgery and the surgeon “nicked” the facial nerve and a branch of the vagus nerve. She reports seeing over 20 physicians and pain management specialists for her pain and muscle weakness. The patient was treated with the k laser in hopes of reducing the pain in the cheek and outer ear canal area. The patient revealed having a significant pain reduction on the first visit. The patient was subsequently treated eight additional times with 90-95% pain reduction along the course of the facial nerve and in the outer ear canal. By the eighth visit the patient was able to smile completely and fully raise the right eyebrow.

Shingles Pain Reduction

A 50 year old male presented to this office with post herpetic neuralgia (shingles) along the course of the left rib cage area. Patient revealed having had “bouts” of shingles outbreaks for many years. After the lesions disappeared the patient states the severe pain would last approximately 3-4 months. The patient reports taking high doses of pain medications to reduce symptoms. When the patient presented to this office, he was lesion free for approximately two weeks. The patient was treated with class IV k laser for approximately 20 minutes along the course of the intercostal area on the left side. The patient noticed pain reduction on the third visit. The patient was treated a total of six times with a 100% pain reduction as stated by the patient.